About Owl Guitars

Owl-Guitars is located in Almere, The Netherlands. A small town next to Amsterdam. To get to OWL guitars from the German border will take you about 1,5' hours of driving. When you arrive you will find a small team of professionals with the Guitar as their sacred vocal point.

The company was founded by Olaf Uyleman who found his passion for guitars on a very young age. When just a boy Olaf loved to listen to any form of guitar music, this varied form Folk and blues to Rock, hard rock and even heavy metal.

At the age of 14 Olaf the Owl started guitar lessons on a classic Spanish guitar. After mastering this basic skill he went on pursuing his passion for electric guitars and learned to play this as well. Not only was he driven by the music but he was maybe even more inspired by the Artists, Bands and History of the music.

In my perception, rare and vintage guitars are not just instruments, they are a form of Art (Olaf Uyleman).

Those are words we live by, with the utmost care and dedication we buy exclusive guitars. Hereafter we will give them a thorough inspection will tune the guitar back to where it should be.
We will put on some brand new A quality strings and offer this fully restored and A-Quality for sale once again.

We only offer the best quality of guitars, deliver the highest level of service and we are so full of confidence that even our warranty policy is as if you will be buying a new guitar.

We will do anything to put a smile on our sellers face.
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